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IMG_2006About David Rozzell: Founder of Sustainable Chemistry Solutions, Inc. and Consultant and Expert Witness to the Enzyme Industry

I have spent most of my working life thinking about and working on ways to create and use enzymes more effectively. Now I want to help other companies succeed through consulting, expert witness services, and information products. I have experience in both the technical and business side, starting as a bench scientist in the biotechnology industry and finally creating and running a company that developed new enzyme products. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University and have spent my entire working life in the biotechnology industry.

My previous company BioCatalytics, Inc. changed the way enzymes were commercialized for the synthesis of chemicals. (BioCatalytics was acquired by Codexis. Inc. in 2007.) Since then I have stayed active in biocatalysis as a consultant and technical advisor. Currently I serve as Sr. VP for Biocatalysis at Provivi, Inc., developing new enzymes for carbene transfer reactions and novel routes to produce pheromones.

Bio-Catalyst.com is all about enzymes, biocatalysis, industrial biotechnology, and biofuels. The blog covers both technical and business issues about the latest enzymes and bio-based products and the companies that make and sell them.

To the best of our ability, the site will offer news and information on these topics, and–occasionally–the most brutally honest reviews that you will find anywhere. We also offer a free newsletter, sent every two weeks to subscribers.

We are available as consultants, expert witnesses, technical and business advisors. We can prepare customized product and market reports or conduct confidential competitor and industry analyses. If you think we can help you in any way, please contact us.


David Rozzell, PhD


Tel: +1-818-388-6576


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Dr RD Gordon September 25, 2012 at 11:56 pm

Dear Sirs,

ZA Biotech of Pretoria is no longer trading.

A new enzyme company has been founded in Pretoria: Menlo Biotech (Pty) Ltd. The contact details are as follows:

Menlo Biotech (Pty) Ltd
Plot 13, M57 Road
Clayville East
South Africa

Cell: 0835911481
FAX: 0113163199
Tel: 0113164063
email: robertgordon@menlobiotech.co.za

Lattitude: -25.948282
Longitude: 28.243591

Menlo Biotech is a privately owned company registered in South Africa. The company is focused on the manufacture and trading of chemicals, enzymes, microorganisms, and cleaning materials.The company is set up for the contract manufacture of products especially the blending and packing of dry powders and liquids.

Tafadzwa Makwembere February 23, 2016 at 1:16 pm

l hope i find you well!

l am looking for purified or synthetic Lactonases or Acyclases enzymes. If you do not happen to sell them may you please assist me with a link.

yours sincerely

Tafadzwa Makwembere

Mr Carlyle September 3, 2017 at 11:52 pm

Hello, sir / madam.
This is Carlyle from JARIPharmaceuticalCo.,Ltd., specialized in vitamin and amino acids products,with Kosher and Halal certs in process.
Know that you are very good in this field,and we are looking for partners to expand the market with below ingredients.

Derivant of Vitamin B6.

Samples available for approval and Open credit for support.
If have any interests feel free to let me know.
Appreciating your comments.
best regards !

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