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Intelligent Competitive Intelligence in Biocatalysis

JDR  photo copyI’m David Rozzell, CEO of Sustainable Chemistry Solutions, Inc. and publisher of the all new Biocatalysis Company Guide. I have spent most of my working life developing new enzymes and their applications for chemical synthesis, including the founding of a leading biocatalysis company. Over the years I have been fortunate to build up a large body of knowledge about enzymes, biocatalysis, and the companies that work in the area. Now I am ready to make that knowledge available to others.

A little background may be helpful.

Biocatalysis—the use of enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions—has gained in popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

Biocatalysis works.

Biocatalysis Company GuideBiocatalysis has entered the mainstream of chemical technology and is now one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors of the enzyme market. Increasingly, enzymes are among the first choices of catalysts for a chemical reaction, no longer relegated to a back-up strategy to be considered when everything else has failed. The use of enzymes leads to more sustainable chemical manufacturing, often producing products in higher yield and with better purity and at lower cost than any other alternative. Further, improving biocatalysts using directed evolution approaches is now a standard methodology, allowing enzymes to be engineered to fit the conditions of a desired reaction in a targeted manner.

These recent advances have resulted in a growing number of companies, both large and small, that provide enzymes and technology to support the implementation of biocatalysis. And that makes having accurate, up-to-date information about those companies—I like to call it Intelligent Competitive Intelligence—all the more important.

With The Biocatalysis Company Guide you will be informed about all the players in biocatalysis around the world. Company profiles include data on the key people, technologies, products, and services offered by each company. Historical information and key news items, including business partners and significant licensing or business deals are part of each listing. The Biocatalysis Company Guide will also facilitate the search for an enzyme source or technology provider or collaboration partner that meets your needs. The information in The Biocatalysis Company Guide will also be useful to those screening potential acquisition candidates in the biocatalysis area.

And there is more.

Appendices break out separately the biocatalysis companies in Europe, North America, India, and China. I will bet that most people don’t even know all the biocatalysis companies in China and India, as a number of new ones have started up recently. There is also a special listing of providers of technology and products for immobilized enzymes.

If you work in the biocatalysis area, or are thinking about using biocatalysis, then I believe you will find The Biocatalysis Company Guide very useful.

There is nothing else comparable on the market today.

  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide contains 157 pages packed with timely information and competitive intelligence about the players, large and small, in biocatalysis.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide is the only comprehensive listing of biocatalysis enzyme suppliers around the world so that you can identify all options for enzyme supply.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide shows you which companies offer contract research and custom enzyme development services so that you can find the best partners for enzyme screening, new enzyme discovery, enzyme evolution, or biocatalytic process development.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide describes which companies offer contract enzyme manufacturing services to simplify the identification of a biocatalyst supplier at pre-commercial and commercial scale.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide highlights the areas of strength and specialization for each enzyme company so that you can find the most suitable business partner for any specific enzyme needs.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide tells you if companies have made licensing or partnering deals and with whom.
  • The Biocatalysis Company Guide lists all the suppliers of immobilized enzymes and immobilization technology so that you can quickly identify a supplier or research partner for immobilized biocatalyst development.

This type of information is not readily available anywhere else. You might be able to hire a consultant to help you gather similar data, but that will likely cost many thousands of dollars and take weeks of time. But you won’t pay anywhere near that for The Biocatalysis Company Guide. And you won’t have to wait even one day to get the information.

That’s because The Biocatalysis Company Guide is available now for immediate purchase and download for only US$750.

You can begin immediately building up your knowledge of the biocatalysis industry. You can gain the benefits of having competitive intelligence on biocatalysis companies around the world. Or you could just enjoy the feeling of having a resource on biocatalysis companies always available at the click of a mouse.

David Rozzell Biocatalysis ExpertSo what are you waiting for?

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