Cyanide Dihydratase: An Enzyme With Commercial Potential?

by David

I am posting today about an enzyme, still under development but not yet commercially-available, that I believe could have significant commercial applications in the chemical industry and in waste treatment.

Drum-roll please: this enzyme is called cyanide dihydratase (EC

As the name suggests, it catalyzes the double hydrolysis of cyanide to produce formate, releasing ammonia.

A number of different genes encoding cyanide dihydratase have been cloned. At least two different sequences have been published: the cynD gene from Bacillus pumilus and a similar gene from Pseudomons stutzeri. They are about 80% homologous. I am aware of the immediate availability of a number of additional enzymes in this class. Screening, evolution to improve stability against high ionic strength, organic contaminants, or solvents is not just possible, but likely to be successful.

My question is simple: Is cyanide dihydratase of interest to you? If so, please let me know by email:

I’d like to discuss how we can develop this as a new commercial enzyme product.

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