Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review (Plus a Special Bonus!)

We compiled a full year’s worth of enzyme industry news  


So you don’t have to


2015 Enzyme Industry Year in Review

Our brand new compilation of the news from the enzyme industry is now available. Creatively titled Enzyme Industry: 2015 Year in Review, we have tried to identify every relevant piece of news from enzyme companies around the world. If it impacted the enzyme industry last year, you will find it here, conveniently organized by month and with links to the full news story.

This is information you need to know to be on top of what is happening in the fast-moving enzyme industry.

For example:


  • What new enzyme products were launched in 2015?

  • Which major enzyme company established a partnership to expand its presence in agriculture?

  • What acquisitions occurred last year?

  • Which major company dropped a “bombshell” by existing the enzyme business in 2015?

  • What companies successfully raised money and from whom?

  • What major licensing deals were closed?

  • Which companies signed new collaboration agreements and for which products or technologies?

  • What new biocatalysis companies started up in 2015?

You will get answers to these questions and much more in the Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review.

Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review contains concise summaries of information you can use about the key events that took place in the enzyme industry last year, which may help guide you toward what to expect for the coming year.

And each news highlight has a link that takes you to the full story with the click of a mouse.

Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review is also remarkably inexpensive.

You get 12 months of enzyme industry news highlights for only $27.

(To put that into perspective, most industry consultants charge more than that for just 10 minutes of their time!)


And this year you also receive a special bonus!


Along with Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review you also will receive the slide deck from a lecture I gave last year called “The Future of Enzymes.” In this presentation I lay out where I think the enzyme industry is headed and which specific types of products will be most heavily impacted–and which ones will not be.

So, you get both the Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review and the slide deck “The Future of Enzymes” for just $27.

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Iman Boroumand April 11, 2015 at 12:20 am

Dear Sirs,

We are the only enzyme manufacturer in Iran and we like to add our company information in your Enzyme Sources Guide. So, please let us know what we have to do.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Iman Boroumand

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