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Almac lands $7 million collaborative grant in biocatalysis

German enzyme company evocatal GmbH acquires the majority stake of Potsdam-based carbohydrate specialist aevotis GmbH: press-release-evocatal-aevotis-en

New company emerges in biocatalysis: Enzymaster

University of Manchester announces £ 3 Million grant for bio-based manufacturing of chemicals

Novozymes announces Partnering for Impact Strategy: http://www.novozymes.com/en/about-us/vision-and-values/Pages/Strategy.aspx

BASF Bails on bio-acrylic acid project: BASF announced that it has terminated its partnership with Novozymes and Cargill, which was formed in 2012 to develop a bio-based process to produce acrylic acid from renewable raw materials.

Amyris launches a synthetic biology production platform targeted at the pharma industry. Presumably this is the same type of cellular engineering technology that led to the processes for artemisinin and farnesene.


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