Haloalkane Dehalogenases

Sustainable Chemistry Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a group of novel, robust haloalkane dehalogenases (HDHs) under a distribution agreement with the Czech company Enantis. Sustainable Chemistry Solutions is the only North American source for these novel enzymes with multiple industrial applications.

General HDH reaction

Haloalkane dehalogenases (EC catalyze the hydrolysis of a carbon-halogen bond in an alkyl halide, producing the corresponding alcohol. The reaction proceeds with inversion of configuration; hydrolysis of a chiral alkyl halide catalyzed by a haloalkane dehalogenase gives the alcohol of opposite enantiomeric configuration.

HDH Examples reactions

Exceptionally Broad Substrate Range

More than one hundred chlorinated, brominated and iodinated compounds have been demonstrated to be substrates to date. Substrates of HDHs include haloalkanes, haloalkenes, cyclohaloalkanes, haloalcohols, halohydrins, haloethers, haloesters, haloamides and haloacetonitriles.

Examples of substrates

Easy to Use

HDH enzymes are easy to employ, requiring no cofactors or additives of any kind. High enantioselectivity makes dehalogenases attractive for preparation of optically pure β- bromoalkanes, β-alcohols, α-brominated esters, α-hydroxyesters, α-bromoamides and α- hydroxyamides, valuable building blocks of pharmaceuticals.

Multiple Applications

A wide range of potential applications exist, including

  • catalysts for chemical production
  • biodegradation of environmental pollutants and chemical warfare agents
  • biosensing of environmental pollutants
  • cell imaging and protein analysis

9 Different Robust Haloalkane dehalogenases for less than $100 each; Immediate Availability

IMG_1178Nine different HDH enzymes are in stock and available in a convenient screening set for easy testing and evaluation for your applications. Contact Sustainable Chemistry Solutions for more information or to order for immediate delivery.

Product number: HDH1009

Screening kit containing 9 haloalkane dehalogenase enzymes, 50 mg each:                     $800

DhlA, DhaA, DbjA, DmmA, DmxA, LinB, DbeA, DadB and DpcA. All are lyophilized powders, recombinant from E coli

Multiple units in stock



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