10 Best New Enzyme Products

January 26, 2015

Tweet Recently I began thinking about the new enzymes that have been developed and launched and realized that there is no place to find a list of them. Even more glaring is a lack of details about the enzymes, the advantages they offer, and information on the companies that developed them. To remedy that, “10 Best New Enzyme Products” […]

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Cyanide Dihydratase: An Enzyme With Commercial Potential?

January 20, 2015

Tweet I am posting today about an enzyme, still under development but not yet commercially-available, that I believe could have significant commercial applications in the chemical industry and in waste treatment. Drum-roll please: this enzyme is called cyanide dihydratase (EC As the name suggests, it catalyzes the double hydrolysis of cyanide to produce formate, […]

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Which Enzyme Companies Made News in 2014?

January 16, 2015

Tweet What new products were launched? Which companies made the biggest business deals? Who are the movers and shakers in the enzyme industry? We have gone through press releases, product launches, and news articles and pulled out key items from all of 2014. These news highlights are organized by month for easy reference. Each summary […]

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Why You Need The Enzyme Company Guide

November 11, 2014

Tweet Here is why you need the Enzyme Company Guide in less than 30 seconds:   Get your copy here: Enzyme Company Guide

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2015 Enzyme Company Guide Now Available

October 13, 2014

Tweet The new Enzyme Company Guide is here (and updated)! It is a comprehensive enzyme industry guide It is a competitive intelligence guide Quite simply, the Enzyme Company Guide is the most complete resource available about the companies that develop, produce, and sell enzymes worldwide. 517 pages 269 companies profiled Sections listing enzyme companies in India and China […]

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Free Biocatalysis Newsletter (Did I Mention That It’s Free?)

September 30, 2014

Tweet     The latest Mainstream Biocatalysis Newsletter will go out on next Tuesday, October 7th and if you are a subscriber your copy will arrive automatically at about 2PM GMT, 9AM East Coast Time in the USA, 3PM Central Europe Time. 6AM East Coast Time in the USA.  This FREE newsletter is published near the […]

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The Sustainability Theme at Novozymes

July 18, 2014

Tweet Novozymes, the leader in industrial enzymes, has also been leading in the sustainability of its enzyme products and their impacts. The company further explains and demonstrates in commitment to sustainability in this short video, well worth a few minutes of your time to watch: Novozymes sustainability video  

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Codexis Makes Some News with GSK Deal

July 14, 2014

Tweet Codexis, Inc (Redwood City, CA), a world-leader in technology for engineering enzymes to improve performance, announced a technology collaboration and license agreement with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) today. Under the terms of the agreement that were made public so far, Codexis will receive $25 million through a series of payments for technology transfer, plus additional milestone […]

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Haloalkane Dehalogenases

June 16, 2014

Tweet Sustainable Chemistry Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a group of novel, robust haloalkane dehalogenases (HDHs) under a distribution agreement with the Czech company Enantis. Robust, novel enzymes Haloalkane dehalogenases (EC catalyze the hydrolysis of a carbon-halogen bond in an alkyl halide, producing the corresponding alcohol. The reaction proceeds with […]

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A Completely New, Remarkable, Game-Changing, Really Good Enzyme

April 28, 2014

Tweet You know you are operating in a high-volume, low margin, cost-competitive business when a product that creates a improvement in yield of 0.2% is lauded with words like “remarkable” and game-changer.” Yet this is the case with an enzyme recently launched by Novozymes. Called LpHera, this new enzyme is an alpha-amylase used in the […]

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