The Art of Route Scouting

by David

In the last webinar we discussed why biocatalysis is a technology that can help you solve your current chemistry challenges.  Useful enzymes are readily available from various sources for screening and process development, which has shortened timelines for implementation. Directed evolution has increased confidence in the practicality of biocatalysts to be optimized as needed for scale-up and commercial manufacturing. We showed several examples of how biocatalysis had been used successfully to solve chemical synthesis problems and bring the dual benefits of lower cost and greater sustainability.
Bottom line: Biocatalysis is a viable option now for many chemical transformations.
So, how do you get started to capitalize on the benefits of biocatalysis?
The first step is Route Scouting: identifying and prioritizing the best options for applying enzyme-catalyzed steps.
Our next webinar—The Art of Route Scouting—will show you exactly how Route Scouting is done. As with the previous webinar, this presentation is absolutely free to attend, and you can do so from the convenience of your computer, phone, or mobile device.
Please register for “The Art of Route Scouting” on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:00 AM PDT at:
I look forward to seeing you online on June 24th.

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