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Become an Instant Expert on the Enzyme Industry!

Have competitive intelligence on the enzyme industry available at the click of a mouse.

You get 517 pages packed with information about all the players in the enzyme industry.

ECG Title PageImagine having the information on the enzyme industry world-wide available immediately.

The enzyme market is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly global in scope. New suppliers and developers of enzymes are entering the market, and existing enzyme companies are expanding their offerings and capabilities. Keeping abreast of the changes in the enzyme industry is challenging, and knowing which companies offer the most competitive products in the varied, changing enzyme markets is even tougher.

The Enzyme Company Guide is packed with timely, useful information about the enzyme industry and the companies that develop, make, and sell enzymes worldwide. There are descriptions of many enzyme companies that you likely are not aware of, including sections on enzyme companies in India and China These companies could be your new business partners, customers, or even competitors. Find out about their product lines and areas of business and technical expertise. What scale of production does the company possess? How many employees do they have and what are their annual revenues from enzyme products? Who are their current and past business partners? What deals have they made and when? The Enzyme Company Guide answers all these questions and more.

Included are profiles of 269 companies that develop, produce, or sell enzymes and related technology. Every company listing provides a brief company history, size, annual sales from enzymes, the founders and key personnel, and a listing of all enzyme products. Each profile also highlights technology strengths, business focus, and production capacity where relevant. In addition, there are listings for more than 150 distributors.

You will be an Instant Expert on the Enzyme Industry

The Enzyme Company Guide will make you an instant expert on the enzyme industry worldwide, with current information about the players in the enzyme industry around the world. The profiles give detailed descriptions about enzyme developers, producers, and suppliers around the world. You will benefit from new information and insights about the enzyme industry that are both timely and valuable.

The Enzyme Company Guide contains hard-to-find information on enzyme companies in India and China. In fact, special appendices provide full listings of Chinese and Indian enzyme companies.

What is the value of being an expert in the field?

The Enzyme Company Guide is also a time-saver

No wasted time searching for information. It’s all here in the Enzyme Company Guide. And since time = money, the Enzyme Company Guide is a money-saver. The information in the Enzyme Company Guide would require months of time just to collect and organize. Even if you are primarily interested in only one enzyme market, the Enzyme Company Guide contains profiles of all the companies in that market sector. Profiles include an overview and history of the company, the key people, the business focus, recent deals and collaborations, types of enzymes produced and sold, product lines, and more. The Enzyme Company Guide will save weeks or even months of research, making all that information available with just a click of the mouse.

How much is your time worth?

The Enzyme Company Guide has more information than many research reports that sell for $5000 or more, but you won’t pay anywhere near that much. The cost of the new Enzyme Company Guide is only $1250, and I’m betting that its value is many times its cost just in terms of your time that will be saved.

It should be called “The Enzyme Competitive Intelligence Guide.”

How much do you know about your competitors?

What are their product lines and annual revenues from enzyme sales? How large is their production capacity? How do you contact them? How many employees do they have? What are their technical strengths? What is their market focus? What deals and partnerships have they entered into? Which companies in my industry offer contact manufacturing or custom enzyme development? How do you stay current on this rapidly developing and changing industry?

The new Enzyme Company Guide helps you answer all these questions. The 517 pages are full of current, time-saving information about the players in the enzyme industry around the world, including your competition.

As a source of competitive intelligence on the enzyme industry, the Enzyme Company Guide offers significant value. By using the Enzyme Company Guide to understand your competitor’s product line and market focus you can better position your own products in a competitive global marketplace. You can refine your marketing strategy to be more effective in the face of what the competition around the world in offering. By helping you to increase market share or add just one new customer the Enzyme Company Guide will return its $1250 cost many times over.

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If you would like to see a Table of Contents for the 2015 Enzyme Company Guide, I have provided a copy here:


What are people saying about the new Enzyme Company Guide?

“The time-savings is easily the most valuable feature of your publication. Product listings and company information are together in one place, and it is incredibly comprehensive.”

“I was amazed at how many enzyme companies were listed that I had never heard of.”

“ You should have titled it ‘The Enzyme Company Competitive Intelligence Guide.’ That would be a better description of what it contains.”

I wish I had this in hand during my previous job when I tried to identify a good contract research provider for enzyme engineering.  Your guide would have saved me a lot of time and may have opened doors to companies I didn’t even know about.”

“I don’t know why you decided to create the Enzyme Company Guide, but I am glad you did.”

“The Appendices covering the enzyme companies in India and China are especially useful.”


You need a copy of the Enzyme Company Guide

The Enzyme Company Guide is unique. There is no comparable resource available anywhere else.

Quite simply, the Enzyme Company Guide is the most comprehensive compendium of information on the players, both large and small, in the enzyme industry worldwide.

  • The Enzyme Company Guide is the only comprehensive profiling of 269 enzyme suppliers around the world so that you can identify all of the best options for enzyme supply.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide highlights the areas of strength and specialization for each enzyme company so that you can find the most suitable business partner for any specific enzyme needs.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide lists all the enzyme suppliers by geographical region so that you can find the most convenient provider, no matter where your business is located.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide tells you which enzyme companies around the world provide contract research services so that you can find the best contact research partner or collaborator.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide breaks out the companies that offer contract manufacturing services so that you can identify the most suitable outsourcing partner to produce your enzyme, recombinant or non-recombinant.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide has a section focused on the developers of enzymes for biocatalysis so that finding the best supplier or partner for biocatalyst development and supply is quicker and easier.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide lists all the suppliers of immobilized enzymes so that so can quickly identify a supplier for immobilized biocatalysts.

The Enzyme Company Guide will give you answers to questions like the following:

How does the enzyme product line at Novozymes compare with that at DuPont or BASF?

Who are all the suppliers of animal feed enzymes in the USA?

What are the annual revenues at Dyadic and what are the main products?

What are the annual revenues at Codexis and how many employees work there currently?

What are the annual revenues at AB Enzymes and what enzyme markets does the company serve?

Which companies in China supply lipases and proteases?

What companies should I contact for a collaborative project in biocatalysis?

What is the production capacity at Actygea? (And where is Actygea located and what does the company do?)

Which companies supply immobilized enzymes?

Who founded Enzymicals AG, which companies are their business partners, and how many employees work there?

I need a ketoreductase for chemical synthesis. Which companies should I contact?

I am based in Europe and I need a convenient supplier of enzymes for baking. Which European enzyme companies are the best sources?

Does Neobio Co. produce its own enzymes or distribute products from primary manufacturers?

I’d like a commercially-stable supplier of CAL B lipase. Whom do I contact? And what if I want it immobilized?

What were the key terms of the licensing agreement between Codexis and GlaxoSmithKline?

There is even a special section called “2014 Year in Review” covering news highlights from 2014 for companies in the enzyme industry.

All the news items are listed by month so you can see how key product launches, announcements and other news unfolded in the enzyme industry during the course of 2014.

At $1250 the Enzyme Company Guide provides far more useful information than other market research reports that cost thousands of dollars more. I am convinced that you will find the information is worth many times its price. You can get yours now, downloadable immediately, by clicking the Buy Now button.

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  • The Enzyme Company Guide is the most comprehensive publication available on the enzyme industry, profiling 269 enzyme developers, producers and suppliers around the world.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide provides valuable competitive intelligence on enzyme companies around the world.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide lists enzyme companies by geographical location around the world so that you can easily locate the most convenient supplier or business partner.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide will make you an Instant Expert on the worldwide enzyme industry.
  • The Enzyme Company Guide will save you time and money far beyond its $1250 cost.

The Enzyme Company Guide is one-of-a-kind. There is no comparable resource available anywhere else that covers players in the enzyme industry so thoroughly. And it is available for immediate download.

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JDR  photo copy

I have done my best to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information that will give you good value for the money. But if you are still not sure if the Enzyme Company Guide is for you, then, let me remove all the risk of buying. Here is my guarantee to you: If you do not feel the Enzyme Company Guide saved you time and money, offered new information and insights into the players in the enzyme industry around the world, and provided much more value than its cost, just let me know and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked. That is how confident I am that the all new Enzyme Company Guide will be a valued and trusted resource for anyone working in the enzyme industry or wanting information about the companies developing, making and selling enzymes around the world.

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