The One Enzyme Conference I Am Attending This Year

by David

The 2015 conference on Development and Application of Enzymes in Biotechnology, being held in Dusseldorf, Germany April 13-15, should be a highlight for those in the enzyme industry. In fact it may be the best enzyme conference of the year … and I can get you 20% off (see below).

I’ll be there, giving the keynote lecture, and running a workshop on the topic of “Taking an Enzyme From Concept to Commercialization.” There will be 6 Case Studies presented from representatives of companies in different industries who will describe how it was done. These talks will describe the entire process, starting with an idea for an enzyme product, developing it into a commercial reality, and the steps in between.

There is a bonus  for you, as well, since you are reading this. The conference organizers Informa Group have provided me with a VIP Code that you can use to register for the conference and get a 20% discount. Quote VIP Code: CQ3543BIOCATALYST when booking to use this benefit. 

The full agenda and conference information fare here: Development and Application of Enzymes in Biotechnology

You can also view the brochure for the conference and workshop here: Enzyme Conference Brochure

I hope that I’ll see you in Duesseldorf in April.

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