Who Did What to Whom in Enzymes 2015?

by David

After a year of compiling and organizing news from the enzyme industry I am now releasing the first new product of 2016–plus a special bonus.

First the new product, which is based on one of the most popular products from last year, and offers a compilation of the most relevant news from around the enzyme industry worldwide during 2015. We call it Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review.

2015 Enzyme Industry Year in Review is a useful resource for any professional in the enzyme industry, or anyone with an interest following the companies in the enzyme industry worldwide. The news highlights from companies impacting the enzyme industry throughout 2015 are included, conveniently organized by month. Links to the original news articles and press releases are also included so you can follow-up on the details as needed. This is the information you need to know to stay on top of what is happening in the fast-moving enzyme industry.

And now the special bonus. 

Included with Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review you will receive the full slide deck from a presentation I gave last year called “The Future of Enzymes.” In this talk I laid out where I thought the enzyme industry was headed, and predicted which types of industries would benefit–and which ones would not. You all get all the slides as a pdf, which offer my thoughts on how innovations in the enzyme industry have occurred in the past and which areas offer the most promise for future breakthroughs (and you will have the documentation to hold me fully accountable for my predictions!).

If Enzyme Industry 2015 Year in Review and “The Future of Enzymes” might be of interest to you, you can find more information and links that allow you to buy and immediately download them here.

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